07 Jun 2012

Larry Nemecek is our guest in the first international edition of the German Trekcast

Important notice: If you want to register for Larry’s Vegas tour, you should do so immediately. Deadline is June, 15th. Please click here for more information.

In our first international edition of the German Trekcast we have a very special guest: Larry Nemecek joins us. He was managing editor of the Star Trek communicator, wrote the official TNG Companion book, has an archive with more than 500 interviews, met Gene Roddenberry and has so much to tell about Star Trek and its production.

This year, Larry guides a special tour to sites in the United States where scenes for Star Trek were filmed. He also talks about his experiences with conventions in Germany and which con was his favorite one.

You may also want to hear our podcast if you’re interested in Larry’s opinions about J. J. Abrams, the TNG blu-ray release and his appearance in the final episode of Star Trek: Enterprise.

We were very honored to have Larry with us. And there still remained so much question unanswered. So, if you enjoy our podcast, please write us!

Geek Nation Tours – Vegas tour with Larry
Con of Wrath

The German Trekcast is hosted by
Yann-Patrick Schlame,
Malte Kirchner

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